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    Kids Activity Reward Wall Chart Pack with Monthly Planner, Dry-Wipe Pens and Stickers

    The ideal parent and teacher pack. Set specific goals for your child to achieve and reward good behaviour. The fun wall chart designs and the colourful dry-erase pens make this an engaging activity for children.


    This Kids Wall Chart Pack includes:


    • 1 Monthly Planner Wall Chart
    • 1 Task & Reward Wall Chart
    • 8 Colurful Dry-Erase Pens
    • 2 Fun Reward Sticker Sheets


    This reward and activity pack is suited for children aged 3 to 8 years and helps encourage positive behaviour, like cleaning teeth without fuss, learning a new skill or not acting out. The fun colours and rewarding stickers keep your child motivated and the monthly planner allows you to create a regular schedule.

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